President’s letter, 2005

December 2005

Dear Class of 1967,

Our 40th reunion approaches! Save the dates now: June 1-3, 2007. The College pampers and indulges the members of the class celebrating its 40th reunion. We shall be special. We are always special, of course, but in 2007 we shall be officially special.

Anyone have any contact with our “lost” classmates? If you do, please let me know ( and I will forward the information to the Alumnae Office. The names for which the College has no contact information (and therefore cannot send Alumnae Bulletin or even this Class letter) are: Connie Cordts Austin; Susan R. Brown; Brigid E. Carey; Jo Ann Dickson; Margaret R. Eggers; Frances Cooper Gibson; Lorena S. Gill; Carolyn Muhlhauser Goheen; Jean Miller Haight, Susan Maw Hykin; Barbara Keith Johnston; Priscilla MacVeagh; Deborah Unger Mackintosh; Mary D. Meade; Eleanor Morris; Ruth Barth Naveau; April Southern Reilly; Ann C. Shaw; Susan Scarpelli Singer; and Judith Szathmari Walters.

The newly launched website for alumnae, “Athena’s Web,” is proving enormously popular. Go to to log in. (Contact Megan Grant at the Alumnae Office if you are having trouble.) Once logged in, you can search for names of old friends, join “affinity groups,” start an affinity group, and even upload photos. The site is a secure one, open only to Bryn Mawr alumnae. The response so far has been phenomenal, exceeding that of colleges using the software services with a much larger number of alumni/ae, including Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Southern California, according to November 17 newsletter from the College, “Bryn Mawr Now.”

Don’t forget we have a Class of 1967 website. Webmistress Susan Ames ( welcomes your ideas. She has linked our site to the secure College website for making contributions. Very important to note is that you can send Class Editor, Taffy Everts, news of major and minor events in your life as well as your observations and comments for the Class Notes in the Alumnae Bulletin. Taffy ( must receive your letters and e-mails by February 1, 2006 for the Summer Bulletin.

Bryn Mawr has posted on its website the current version of the Honor Code ( I found it interesting that you can find abstracts of cases that went before the Honor Board to encourage discussion of Bryn Mawr’s code. You can also find “Honor Code FAQs,” that explain, for example, the different kinds of exams at Bryn Mawr and the FAQ on plagiarism leads to a link to the Library’s website on citation and style guides.

I think everyone in our Class was affected by the Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, no matter where she lived. The television coverage was compelling. To start with a happy ending, the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans re-opened the week of Thanksgiving even though there is still much to clean up. The news reports mentioned how much the animals missed the visitors; the orangutans had been especially depressed. We hosted family fleeing New Orleans after the levees broke and then just as they left Houston for Little Rock, Hurricane Rita headed in and more family arrived from Galveston. We stared at the projected hurricane path on television, mesmerized by its wobble to the east of us. We suffered only the inconvenience of power failure late in the evening for a few hours, but no damage. The amount of destruction to homes, businesses, pets, wildlife, and people’s lives from the two hurricanes in East Texas and the Louisiana/Mississippi Gulf Coast is beyond belief.

In the hope that this season is truly one of peace and joy when you gather with friends and family,

Penny Milbouer
Class President