Janet (Ohle) Ghigo retired from her position as managing editor of the American Journal of Electroneurodiagnostic Technology in October 2004, but continues to be extremely busy providing ambulance service t the upper end of Pocahontas Co, WV. She is also chairing a committee on accreditation for education in electroneurodiagnostic technology, whose current challenge is developing educational standards for intraoperative neuromonitoring. She and husband Frank (Haverford ’66) are still enjoying life and work in West Virginia, and have both a guest room and a spare apartment for anyone looking for an escape into the national forest.

After moving from Pittsburgh to Allentown PA in February 2005, Lucy Horton is now close enough to participate in Bryn Mawr activities in the Philadelphia area, at least to some degree, and would love to know if anyone lives in the general vicinity of the Lehigh Valley.

Judy Davis Shaw through she had the last third of her life planned, with paso finao horses playing a big part. Then she was promoted to associate provost at the University of Georgia. She’s still planning a horse farm, though, and in a reverse move at our age, leaving the city and hospitals for the country.

In June 2005, Hilary Hosmer and husband Bob retired in time for their daughter’s wedding. They are spending much of their time caring for Bob’s mother, who has Alzheimer’s, and selling the family home.

Mary Farrell traveled to Vietnam with her French students last year for a trip that was beyond belief. This year’s destination was France. One of her former students graduated from The College in June and another applied to be a McBride Scholar. Son Tim is studying film at The New School in NYC and might have found his niche, Mary thinks.

In summer 2005, Terry Newirth Hirshorn relinquished her Chairship of the Chemistry department at Haverford, so she and husband Paul are no longer a family of two Chairs. “I can live with that,” says Terry.

Daughter Elizabeth began attending the University of Rochester for a Ph.D. in Cognitive Science. She and Terry spent 27 hours in Rochester and looked at about 15 apartments before Elizabeth picked the one she liked the best, on the third floor of a house. Terry was thrilled not to have to help her move in. Daughter Emily spent part of the summer in Israel, courtesy of Birthright Israel, and another part in Isle of Springs, Maine, with her parents—“our favorite place in the whole world,” says Terry.

In July 2004, Susan Ames attended the annual astronomers’ picnic near the Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich, in England. September found her in Granada, Spain, for the annual 2004 European Astronomical Society (EAS) meeting. Susan flew to London in March 2005 for her monthly astronomy meeting, and stayed to attend a reception for Nancy Vickers at the BMC Club of Great Britain. In April, Susan spent a week at the annual British National Astronomy Meeting in Birmingham, in June she flew to Marseille, France, for a conference on galaxy evolution, and in July, to Li├Ęge, Belgium, for the annual 2005 EAS meeting!

Bonnie Spanier continues to be pleased and amazed at the impact of women’s studies courses on her students’ lives. She’s offering a new course on women’s health and activism around the world and is looking for insights and information on this topic. Write to B. Spanier, Women’s Studies, University at Albany, Albany, NY 12222.

Anne Livingston Holland reports that her house in France is ready for occupancy. See for a neat alternative to expensive hotels in the city or uncertain accommodations in a rural “gite.” “Visitors so far have been really pleased,” says Anne.

“Life is indeed sweet,” reports Joan Clinton Fumia, “When a dear friend from the past reappears and is not only as genuine and funny as remembered but is living a full, successful life. I was so happy two of my daughters were present at our reunion to witness what the future can hold for them.”

Gail Chavenelle agrees. “Joan found us on the Internet. We met in Paoli, Wisconsin (named after our Paoli in PA) after over 40 years. Joan has begun a business to help families in the relocation and appropriate housing for their seniors. I began my metal sculpture business after age 50 and continue learning with an alumni auditing program at a local college. I have used and loved the course summaries and reading lists in the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin. Though I often have to walk back into the other room several times to remember something, life in the final third is change and exciting.”

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