CLASS NOTES February 2007

Less than a month to go! Our 40th reunion will take place on 1-3 June. It’s probably not too late to grab a plane, train, or hybrid and travel back to campus. How many of us will pass this way again?

Kathy Sbororovy Janowitz has been writing and doing work in pastel. Last year she produced, Three Tables, the play of a talented young man “in need of a critical third eye—the Bryn Mawr eye, of course. Generally a loner, I loved working with a group of talented artists and having one of my pastels used as the play’s poster and playbill cover.

“Grandson Toby (5+) is hyperverbal, highstrung and endearing. Leo (2) is his own man. Any efforts to deter him from his self-appointed rounds are met with a winsome smile. I could swear he’s been winking knowingly practically since birth. Jessie, their mom, has put career on hold. She loves mothering.

“My son Will, an actor, is currently starring in television commercials for Gain detergent, Secret deodorant, and Dentyne, as well as a Dunking Donuts radio voiceover. In the Gain commercial, he holds a baby. The baby’s father wrote to Will to thank him (for not dropping the baby?) and keeps sending the latest photos. Such is life on the gilded screen.”

Nimet Habachy has wonderful news. “I’m marrying for the very first time–to a lovely man whom I’ve known and loved for the last 2 years. Odd to be starting a very new way of life at this late stage–will have a few tales for reunion which I do plan to attend. Am also leaving the New York radio night show on WQXR that I’ve hosted for the last 26 years. It’s almost tabula rasa for me and exciting and yes, I admit, quite scary.”

Elana Klausner Vikan always speaks with pride about having studied at Bryn Mawr College. “It was the period of my life when the vita contemplativa outweighed the vita activa. I think of BMC with a romantic slant: its convent bells, cloister, lantern man, Greek songs, towers, and the old Library in its magical space. My first visit was a snowy day during Christmas vacation, with nearly no one on campus except Ms. McBride, who invited me into her office. As a freshman, I was so sheltered that when I heard that the President had been shot, I said, ‘Who would want to shoot President McBride?’ Memories will flood your mind when you come back to campus, and our class will jog your memory by reminiscing with you at our Fortieth Reunion. If you’re ever coming back for a visit, this would be the time! Hope to see old friends, and keep making new ones, from those tremendous years.”

Because she’ll be house-sitting in Paris, Nancy Owens will not be attending. “Paris won over Reunion.” (Who could argue with that?) Nancy says she’ll miss seeing old friends. “Next time!”

Currently enjoying her 34th year at Penn State balancing teaching, research, and administration, Kathryn Grossman is nurturing dreams of retiring… some day. “There will certainly be lots of adventures to share in person at Reunion this June! John and I spent a glorious holiday last summer driving across the southern third of France, then had the even greater pleasure of seeing our son Benjamin Harwood marry his wonderful fiancée Krista Senator in VT in late July. We are trying to spend as much time as possible with them, our extended families, and friends hither and yon whenever work allows. It will be interesting to find out if we’ll know how to deal with all that extra time we’ll have once we leave the university!”

“Finally convinced my husband to cross the Atlantic Ocean.” Ann Livingston Holland and husband, Carroll Faulkner spent three weeks last fall at the house in southeastern France that she owns with her daughter, Emilie. Sadly, Carroll has been unwell since the beginning of 2007. “We are doing everything possible to keep Carroll comfortable and make the most of whatever time we have left. If I do not make it to Reunion, please give all our classmates my love.”

Many thanks in advance to Reunion Managers Renée Allard Betts and Elana Klausner Vikan, to Class President Penny Milbouer, to Class Collectors Terry Newirth Hirshorn and Lynette Palmer Perkins, to Song Mistress Alma Lee Carpenter, to Reunion Booklet Editor Jeanne Lance, and to Web mistress Susan Ames for all their good work. Thanks also to Andrea Saltzman and Lynette for a smashing West Coast mini-reunion dinner in March. More next time.

And thanks to all of you who have helped us stay in touch over the past 5 years! It has been a great treat for me to correspond with you. We’re a link between our parent’s generation, born when women had just gotten the vote, and today’s women who have the world at their feet. Let’s keep telling our stories.

’67 Class Editor

Taffy Brecht Everts
803 Rebecca Drive
Boulder Creek, CA 95006